announces Grey Cloak tech’s VP of marketing, Tina Mulqueen, featured on this week’s exclusive “Small Cap Spotlight” podcast broadcasted globally on PublicWire

Small Cap Spotlight Podcast
Small Cap Spotlight Podcast announces Grey Cloak tech's VP of marketing, Tina Mulqueen, featured on this week's exclusive "Small Cap Spotlight" podcast broadcasted globally on PublicWire
/, the number one source for small cap market news, announced today Tina Mulqueen, VP of Marketing for Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. (Ticker: GRCK), an emerging tech company focused on digital advertising fraud, is featured on this week’s “Small Cap Spotlight” podcast heard worldwide on The interview with host Dave Donlin focuses on Grey Cloak Tech’s flagship product, its initial into influencer marketing, the upcoming campaign for the Skateboarding Hall of Fam and much more.

About Grey Cloak Tech, Inc.:
Grey Cloak Tech (  a publicly traded technology corporation, is laser-focused on detecting and tracking digital advertising fraud with its propriety Fraudlytic software. The Fraudlytic software detects hundreds of permutations of digital advertising fraud — including cookie stuffing, ad stacking, and domain spoofing — to allow advertisers to regain control of their advertising budget. It is estimated that fraud in digital advertising will cost advertisers $8.2 billion dollars this year according to Interactive Advertising Bureau.


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