Founded in 2004, publicwire.com is a leading source for investors in Small Cap, OTCBB, and Pinksheet markets. The site focuses on various sectors such as Energy, Finance, Cannabis, Medical, Retail, and Technology. PublicWire also produces a weekly video series via Youtube that are quick and digestible bites to keep you informed when you’re on the move or in a hurry. We embed these videos in our articles to give our visitors the choice to read or watch the latest news.

Also, publicwire.com is a proud founding contributor to the Investor News Channel which provides a featured, in-depth glance into emerging markets, stock advice, financial trends, and leading companies daily.

publicwire.com helps modern investors get their news and information in a variety of ways including email, social media, web, video, RSS feeds and audio/video podcasts. We are uniquely positioned to help communicate breaking news in the digital age. Unlike other portals, we provide free information and do not require a subscription for you to have access to our articles and media content. We do, however, have a weekly newsletter to keep you in the loop on all the action from the past week (if you missed anything).

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