Since 2004, PublicWire has successfully created numerous investor communications programs that have delivered direct, tangible results for our clients.  These results have led to exponentially more awareness on a global scale, maximized visibility to the investor community, increased investor traffic to a client’s website, etc.

At PublicWire, we know that over 70% of all investors conduct part or all of their due diligence online.   Today’s investors  get their news and information in a variety of ways including email, social media, financial websites, text messages, RSS feeds and audio/video podcasts. PublicWire’s financial communications program is uniquely positioned to reach these investors throughout the U.S. as well as on a global scale.

Unlike the majority of our competitors who only promise “best efforts” our programs are results driven focusing on accountability.   PublicWire’s programs target three specific areas:

  • Video – A CEO or company video interview broadcasted monthly on PublicWire such as Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Vimeo and hundreds of video news services.
  • Global Press Release Syndication to all Social Media Networks worldwide + online financial publications, websites and blogs.
  • Email – Targeted email to one of our ultra-responsive online groups of investors (Penny Stocks, Accredited, Blue Chip) + a complete real-time tracking report.  Keep in mind, our online investor groups range from 230,000 to over 7 million investors depending on the group.

Service Plan

We guarantee your satisfaction with our services. You’ll get the exposure you need, with increasing traffic, back links, and your over-all Internet Footprint will continue to grow exponentially when you continue to use PublicWire’s services.

Remember, we’re not like the “other guys”

Our programs start at approximately $3,000 a month!

For more information on the IR/PR awareness packages we offer contact Dave Donlin at 407-490-6635.

If you no longer wish to receive our emails, you may easily unsubscribe from our list. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

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